Wednesday-Saturday, August 12-15, 2020 online

Frequently Asked Questions

Day-of details

What parts of the conference are included with registration?

When you register, know that you’re supporting an event that pays its speakers, vendors, and volunteer staff. Thank you so much for showing individual support of our mission by registering.

Only paid registrants will be granted access to the interactive virtual conference sessions. This includes any live Q&A with presenters should a presenter opt-into it, breakout rooms discussing the previous presentation, and social events such as lightning talks, a “yappy hour” for showing off pets,

This excludes the presenter session content, which will be streamed and viewable on Code & Supply’s YouTube channel and possibly Code & Supply’s channel free of charge but with donations strongly encouraged.

You can see our conference map

What platform will you be using for the interactive virtual conference?

We will be using Zoom, a rising star of video conferencing with virtual conference and webinar features surpassing competitors in its class.

You can see how our platforms are use on our conference map

Will sessions be recorded or streamed?

Most talks will be streamed to Code & Supply’s YouTube channel and possibly Code & Supply’s channel and recorded; those requiring editing will be posted as they are edited in the weeks after the conference.

Interested in widening the breadth of talks recorded? We have a video recording sponsorship meant just for this.

What time will the conference start and end each day?

See the schedule page for more information.

Will there be closed captioning?

Closed captioning will be available on the YouTube stream via automated captioning only.

If your organization would like to sponsor closed captioning for future C&S events, please contact our sponsorship team. We love when organizations step up to help us and this is always an at-cost sponsorship.

What if I cannot access all of the interactive content?

The interactive sessions are only available to paid attendees, and will only be online during scheduled conference hours. If you are a paid attendee and are having trouble completing registration, please reach out to us on Slack channel #heartifacts-tech-support and we will be happy to help you!

Ticketing questions

How can I transfer (or cancel) my ticket?

Unfortunately, all sales are final in accordance with our refund policy, except for COVID-19 coronavirus-related problems.

We want your ticket to go to good use and support transfers to a new ticketholder, including the C&S Scholarship Fund.

You can transfer your ticket by visiting your Code & Supply profile and clicking the “Reassign Tickets” feature once you’re logged in.

Can I donate my unusable ticket to an attendee in need?

Yes! The Code & Supply Scholarship Fund is a separate organization that manages conference scholarships, including those for this conference.

Here you will find instructions how to easily donate your ticket to the pool.

This donation will be tax-deductible in the amount that you paid for the ticket.

Are there any group discounts?

In order to make our event accessible, we’ve already tried to make ticket prices as low as possible. We do offer 10% discount for group orders.

We very generous with our sponsorship packages in terms of complimentary tickets and offer 20% discount to sponsors.

Can you facilitate group orders?

We can make it easier for certain larger orders of tickets. If you

  • would like to purchase more than $2,000 in tickets at one time
  • can be invoiced for the order
  • can pay the invoice via check, wire, or other non-credit method on NET 15 terms

Contact our support team for more information.

Can I earn professional development or continuing education hours for attending?

Yes. We include a certificate of attendance for all ticket holders. This certificate will be issued to you upon request after the event. Simply email our support team after the event.

For educators, we offer certification of hours that meets ACT 48 requirements. See our ACT 48 page for more information.

Other pre-event questions

Why this split schedule?

We did some real research on top of our own feelings and found that multiple days of being on video conference all day is mentally and physically taxing on top of the emotional pressure that discussing hard topics brings.

So we decided to try an experiment: schedule a couple of hours on two weeknights staggered, an optional weeknight of mostly social activities, and several hours on a weekend day. This better integrates with parents’ childcare patterns and limits fatigue. We hypothesize that this will be better fit for our pandemic lives. It could be awesome, it could bomb, or it could be just another way of doing it.

Expand this for more information on this research-backed experiment

We conducted an informal survey to which more than 80 members of the Code & Supply community responded. The output of the survey was that 55.7% prefer an all-day virtual event for two days while 45.9% prefer two hours per day for one week. Only 13% were preferred one hour per day for two weeks. 80.6% would participate actively in a breakout session while 16.1% would just listen to the breakouts.

The negatives of a two-day all-day event were that spending two whole days in front of a screen is draining and that attendees and speakers may have to take off work. They can't take off time from being a parent for two whole days right now, but they can probably get away for an hour or two.

The positives on a two-day all-day event were that attendees may like because it removes focus pressure, enables passive listening and active participation on day 2 with increased interest from passers-by as attendees post on social media. This passive consumer jumping in periodically interaction may mitigate taking off work for our attendee numbers but not entirely for attendees' ability to participate as much as possible. Essentially, presence = commitment.

The negatives of a split conference include that it may be challenging to effectively communicate the schedule to attendees (and their managers), that the potential additional commitment from attendees may or may not discourage attendance, and that it requires commitment from our volunteer staff for additional days. </p>

The positives of the split schedule really outweighed the negatives and thus we chose it.

Staggering the schedule each day give us some freedom to hit a wider audience. Choosing different times may enable some time zones outside of the US to participate, a cool thing we'd like to encourage as C&S' audience grows internationally. It opens increased bandwidth/possibility for social activities after weekday sessions, as two hours of heavy content can be bookended with other side events. Lastly, Code & Supply likes experimentation — no one else has employed a schedule like this yet!

Why did you choose Zoom over X platform?

We conducted an analysis across more than a dozen platforms to identify one or two that met as many of a list of requirements we considered at various priorities. Zoom performed the best at the budget allocated for such a platform for this event.

We also considered Jitsi, 8x8, BigBlueButton, Chime, Skype,, Vito, GoToWebinar, and several others.

Is Zoom secure?

We believe that Zoom is adequately secure for our public virtual conference needs. If you have concerns about Zoom security, we invite you to participate via our streaming platforms.

Where can I find more information for speakers?

Thanks for speaking. You’re awesome. See the speaker FAQ.